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Title: Khusro II from Victor's Imperial Coins
Post by: Gavin on December 09, 2016, 10:40:00 AM
So I just received this Khusro II coin from Victor. A very nice example at an affordable price. I wanted the coin because I teach about the seventh-century spread of Islam in my university world literature course, and one day I hope to acquire a version of this coin that shows the "bismillah" ("In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful...") added to the obverse. That simple line adds a premium to the coin value, but the two coins together mark the Islamicization of the Sassanid Empire in the seventh century.

I also teach an early biography of Muhammad in which a convert from Zoroastrianism talks about having served as a fire altar attendant in his early years--a role depicted on the reverse of these Sassanid coins.

On an unrelated note, I bought the coin using a VCoins gift card that experienced some processing problems we are still working through. Victor went ahead and sent the coin and also threw in a beautiful Constantine silvered campgate for free. I am by no means a high-dollar customer. That was a very kind and generous gesture.