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Unlisted / Constantine II BEATA from Lyons
« Last post by Victor on November 18, 2017, 12:17:12 PM »
this coin just sold for $409.00. I think that the reason it sold for so much is the description -- "raising hand to chest"

it was listed as not in RIC, but is RIC VII Lyons 192, if it is indeed raising the right hand.

While it is not initially clear, I don't think Constantine II is actually raising his hand. There is some sort of a decoration on the front of the cuirass. Lech has two examples of this type (with different reverse break), including the second picture below from CGB.

This type is also in Bastien (136a/b) and is also described as "levant la main droite." Two examples are shown-- the first, like the CGB example, does not look at all convincing as raising a hand, while the second (b) is a little more ambiguous like this recently sold example. Maybe Bastien was not so sure about the bust type, so he had two listed. Below are the coins from Bastien.

The more I look at 136b though, I am less convinced. Maybe there are two bust types here.
Unlisted / Re: Constantinus I Marti Conservatori from Arles
« Last post by Victor on November 17, 2017, 07:30:58 AM »

Yes, it is unlisted in RIC. Ferrando lists it as #342.

Lech has a few examples on his site-
Unlisted / Re: Diocletian misspelling observe
« Last post by Victor on November 17, 2017, 07:22:34 AM »

that is a neat error.
Unlisted / Constantinus I Marti Conservatori from Arles
« Last post by Corduba on November 17, 2017, 04:39:51 AM »
Just from the same auction that Diocletian follis I bought this one.

As far I know, RIC don´t list this mintmark SARL for this rare coin.
RIC VII Arles 23

Best regards, Ignacio
Unlisted / Diocletian misspelling observe
« Last post by Corduba on November 17, 2017, 04:16:58 AM »
Yesterday, I bought this coin in a spanich auction.
I could not resist the misspelling observe at the end of the legend.

The auction house catalogued as RIC VI Alexandria 32a, but I think is RIC VI Alexandria 30a.

The picture is from the auction house.

Best regards, Ignacio
Unlisted / Constantinopolis commemorative from Antioch
« Last post by Victor on November 16, 2017, 09:34:43 AM »
RIC only lists the mintmark SMANI for the Constantinopolis issue, but does have SMANTA for a Constantine I GLORIA EXERCITVS issue (RIC 85) and this coin should come after it.

A.D. 335
18x19mm     2.4gm
Obv. CONSTAN-TINOPOLIS laureate, helmeted, wearing imperial mantle, holding scepter. 
Rev. Victory stg. l., on prow with spear, shield.
in ex. SMANTI
RIC VII Antioch –-

other examples--
Unlisted / Re: Helena SECVRITAS REIPVBLICE from Antioch
« Last post by Victor on November 15, 2017, 05:05:21 PM »
another example with a clearer B

Unlisted / Helena SECVRITAS REIPVBLICE from Antioch
« Last post by Victor on November 15, 2017, 07:54:14 AM »
This workshop is not listed in RIC. Lech has an example (second picture below) on his page that is a die match with this coin.

A.D. 327- 328
19mm    3.2gm
FL HELENA AVGVSTA; diademed and draped bust right.
SECVRITAS REIPVBLICE; Securitas standing left, lowering branch, raising robe with right hand.
RIC VII Antioch 80

EDIT- I think that the workshop is actually a B. I have another example that I will post later.

COTD / VRBS ROMA from Antioch with eyes to heaven
« Last post by Victor on November 13, 2017, 01:13:19 PM »
Here is a VRBS ROMA with an eyes to heaven bust. I have seen several VRBS and Constantinopolis with this bust type. The question is whether this was officially sanctioned or merely the engraver exercising artistic license...I think it was probably artistic license.

A.D. 335- 337
18mm    3.0gm
Obv. VRBS-ROMA [City of Rome] Roma with eyes to heaven, helmeted, wearing imperial cloak.
Rev. She-wolf left with twins (Romulus and Remus); above, two stars.
In ex. SMANΘ
RIC VII Antioch 91
Late Roman Bronze coins / Re: Dated coin of Crispus
« Last post by Genio popvli romani on November 12, 2017, 12:12:19 PM »
And three different pairs of dies. Which is a good new for those who are looking for such a coin.
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