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Title: Fake sellers list
Post by: Victor on May 19, 2017, 02:40:27 PM
This is a list of current fake sellers on eBay. This list is for sellers that frequently or egregiously lists fakes, not someone that accidentally lists fakes.

This list is far from complete, but I will continually update it.

Please start a separate topic if you find a fake seller not already listed.

Please note-- many of these sellers listed below also sell some/many authentic coins. If in doubt though, it is best to avoid them altogether.

Some of these accounts have been closed, but I will leave the old ID up for a while. Others have changed their usernames and I have noted the new name if I know it, otherwise I just state "changed ID".

12leones (


ace-antiques (

alex_numismatic_group   changed ID to gomolava1997

all-ancient-treasures (

amorcoins713 ( (   many genuine coins with some fakes

ancient-coins-collection      no longer a registered user

ancient_kingdoms (

ancientcoinsandartefacts7807 (

ancientearth2006 (

ancientground (      sells many genuine coins with lots of fakes mixed in

ancientr      changed ID

antik-forum15 (

antiquiti (

aquineon (

ars-romana       changed ID

artemisa-9    changed user ID to liberti111_7

artemisa35    changed user ID to liberti111_7

auth_numis_antiq (


bisol4000 (

boktorka333 (

britannicvs (

brittanicus77 (

bul_fishing_1981 (


caesarneron (

canastanj9    several fakes from his "father's collection" including an EID MAR denarius     changed ID

cegevara2016        no longer a registered user

coin-ancient-world  changed his ID to mesalina


dainamo* (*)

damastion2010 (

david.alacant    changed ID

david.cardiff* (*)

dekadrako234 (

drosdofilos765 (


egdirdlewendy (

elf52 (

elica171     changed ID

es_tsve (


farasalma_0 (

felix_aedius     mostly genuine, but a few fakes sprinkled in     changed ID

fidelito90                              no longer a registered user


galipetko0 (   

geotod_1po2q10le ( 

gomolava1997 (     used to be alex_numismatic_group

grbakulir15 (   

gsalesr (


hauriga (   

hasenbraten2510 ( 

historiamagistravitaeest ( 

holylandartifacts (


iliranche0     changed ID


jamesey123456 (

jinali850 (

joelldumortie_0 (       

johnlatham0      no longer a registered user

jorjscoins (


klazumenai905 (


lachezarianus (

leventbud-0 (   suspicious...though I did not see any fakes I knew for 100%

liberti111_7 (


marinvourgent-0        no longer a registered user

maxstroy77-bg       changed ID

mesalina (

mram-0 (


nadejda73      changed ID

nervae00 (

nevebele-0 (

nicktreasures (

nikafinds (

noahs_ark_usa (     

noriscak (

numis_turdetania (


old_treasures_coins       changed ID


panantukanuk841      changed ID

pappas_pouch (

pedro-21 (

peioni-1 (


ranche_0 (


saxbys-coins      no longer a registered user

septimius2014 (

serdaal0      no longer a registered user

sherpa350 (

silverdenar (
sonyadicto6 (

sparatok907 (      changed name from torotor911 

s.p.q.r.2017     No longer a registered user

svetche (


tekalf734     changed ID

telcoin (

theancientworldart (

theodosevastiano0 (

tiberius_coins (

tomcoins (

torotor911    changed ID to sparatok907

trinvestment (

truth* (*)  listed a lot of WRL stamped replicas and said "they look roman not sure if real or not"


uncle_jons_attic     changed name to pappas_pouch


vitaliy_0 (

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