Author Topic: Constantine I MARTI PATRI CONSERVATORI from Ticinum with head facing  (Read 116 times)

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This coin from Ticinum has Mars facing. It is RIC VI Ticinum 124a and what is interesting, and perhaps confusing, is the description from RIC- "Mars stg. facing (or stg. facing head right)".

The second coin below is also 124, and it has head right.

Though I agree that whatever direction Mars is facing should not warrant a separate RIC number, RIC VI is not entirely consistent in this approach. Ticinum 133 is "Sol stg. facing, head facing", plus Mars is standing right, rather than facing, so standing right head facing or standing right head right.

Alos note the shield position- on the head facing (1st coin) the shield is seen from the front, while the second coin (head to right) the shield is seen from the side. The cloak also drapes differently.