Author Topic: Licinius IOVI CONSERVATORI siliqua from Alexandria  (Read 175 times)

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Licinius IOVI CONSERVATORI siliqua from Alexandria
« on: October 04, 2017, 05:17:34 PM »
In the upcoming Gorny & Mosch auction there is a Licinius coin that they are calling a siliqua. Maybe it has a silvery appearance, perhaps even a higher than normal silver content, but there is no way it is a siliqua. This is a common IOVI issued by Licinius and valued at half a follis, which is why it has 12 and a half on the reverse. There were no siliqua even struck at this time.

RÖMISCHE KAISERZEIT. Licinius I., 308 - 324 n. Chr. Siliqua (3,48g). Mzst. Alexandria. Vs.: IMP C VAL LICIN LICINIVS PF AVG, drapierte Panzerbüste mit Strahlenkrone n.r. Rs.: IOVI CONS-ERVATORI / X, IIΓ / SMALA, Jupiter steht auf Adlerzepter gestützt mit Victoriola auf Globus, die ihn bekrönt, in r. Hand n.l., l. ein Adler mit Kranz im Schnabel, r. ein Gefangener. RIC vgl. VII, 28 (Folles).
Unpubliziert! vz
Ex Artemide Aste, Auktion XLI, Wien, 29.11.2014, Los 264; ex Varesi Auktion 48a, November 2006, Los 299.