Author Topic: Constantine I VIRT EXERCIT GALL and the parazonium  (Read 535 times)

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Constantine I VIRT EXERCIT GALL and the parazonium
« on: July 01, 2017, 12:31:06 PM »
The reverse of the VIRT EXERCIT GALL has what is described as a parazonium. I have looked at several and there is a remarkable inconsistency in their depiction. The parazonium is shown on BEATA coinage as an eagle-headed dagger. On the VIRT coins the pommel varies greatly.

Below are some example with an example of a BEATA coin for comparison. Here is a link to the parazonium on BEATA coins-,1016.msg2842.html#msg2842

here is link to my page on the VIRT EXERCIT coin and its companion fractional issue, the PACI PERPET

Constantine I
A.D. 312- 313
FL VAL CONSTANTINVS AVG, radiate bust, draped, cuirassed and seen from the rear.
VIRT EXE-RCIT GALL, Virtus standing left, looking right, right leaning on reversed spear, left holding parazonium.
In left field X, in right field VI
In exergue RP
RIC VI Rome 360