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Vabalathus PAX AVGVSTI...unlisted
« on: June 18, 2017, 09:40:17 AM »

23mm 3.83 grams

this coin of Vabalathus is not in RIC or Göbl1 and I could not find an example online.

Besides being unlisted, this coin is unusual because of the obverse and reverse legend.

Vabalathus initially issued coins with Aurelain on the obverse and himself on the reverse, like below.

He soon realized Aurelian was not going to recognize him and began striking coins in his name only. That is one of the reasons this coin is strange, as the reverse legend has AVGVSTI. Perhaps this is an early sole issue and Vabalathus still had hope that Aurelian would name him an Augustus. Zenobia, the mother of Vabalathus, also had coins naming her AVGVSTA, so perhaps the AVGVSTI named on the unlisted coin refer to mother and son.

The obverse legend is unusual also. For his sole issues, the normal legend is IM C VHABALATHVS AVG. See the picture below for an example.

The PAX AVGVSTI coin looks fine from the pictures, but there are many curious aspects about it.

1 Göbl, R. Moneta Imperii Romani. Band 47: Die Münzprägung des Kaisers Aurelianus (270/275). (Vienna, 1985).