Author Topic: Constantine I VIRTVTI EXERCITVS from Thessalonica...FIL AVGG  (Read 205 times)

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here's a nice Constantine as FIL AVG, son of Augustus, The second G in AVGG refers to Maximinus II, who was also given the title. Galerius did not want to recognize either as Augustus, so he invented a new title "son of Augustus" which both Constantine and Maximinus II rejected.

Constantine I
A.D. 308
26mm    6.3gm
CONSTANTINVS•FIL•AVGG; laureate head right.
VIRTVTI EXERCITVS; Mars advancing r. in military dress, r. holding transverse spear, l. shield and trophy over shoulder; ✶in left field, Δ in right field.
In ex. • SM•TS•
RIC VI Thessalonica 39b