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La Venera hoard books
« on: May 16, 2017, 11:41:31 AM »
"La Venera is one of the largest late third century hoards that can be studied in detail, because the whole hoard was acquired intact by the local museum in Verona. The hoard, contains many very rare or otherwise unpublished varieties. At least one specimen of each variety present in the hoard is illustrated in the plates."

there are 5 books in the series-

J.-B. GIARD, Gordiano III- Quintillo, 1995

S. ESTIOT, Aureliano, 1995
S. ESTIOT, Tacito e Floriano, 1987

J. GUILLEMAIN, La monetazione di Probo a Roma (276-282), 2009

D. GRICOURT, Caro-Diocleziano, 2000

I just got the Probus volume and only need the one on Aurelian to finish the set.

My only complaint is that the books are long, so they do not fit on a bookshelf like normal.